Our Imperial LS windows bring a whole new set of definitions to the words beauty, comfort, energy efficiency, and durability. Beginning with our sculpted sash design, our low profile sash locks, and our ergonomically

designed sash lift rails, you will begin to see and feel the differences between the ordinary window and the Imperial LS.

One of the most significant energy effecient features is the Ultra-Smart triple-fin weather-strip on both sashes. This technologically advanced weather strip dramatically reduces air infiltration into your home. The fully welded corners on the sashes and mainframe prevent air leaks and add durability. Finally, Soft-Lite's huge selection of energy effecient glass packages allws you to fully customize your windows to meet your personal energy efficiency needs.


Packed with features and loaded with value, the Bainbridge™ window is designed to deliver year round energy savings, worry free durability, and to be easy to clean from inside your home.

1. A World-Class Robotic Assembly. Consistent fabrication quality from window to window. Fusion-welded sashes and frame are built squarely. Narrow manufacturing tolerances produce a tight window that best prevents air and water infiltration.
2. Dura-Sill™ Engineered Sloped Sill. Tight mortise-cut, double-wall sill dam extends inside the jamb, eliminating the need to caulk an open seam.
3. Cam-Action Lock pulls sashes tightly together to prevent air infiltration.
4. Intercept®. Standard warm-edge spacer and sealant system is fully automated for condensation resistance and seal integrity.
5. Super Spacer®. Optional metal-free spacer system available for Health Smart Windows®. See your Representative for details.

The Barrington window is designed for those who appreciate quality, but also demand value. This window style is extremely easy to clean, so you spend less time on maintenance.


Soft-Lite Lifetime Warranty?

That's right, all of our residential windows come standard with a lifetime warranty. It can even be transferred if you move or sell your house. Soft-Lite L.L.C. warrants that its vinyl windows and doors will be free from manufacturing or material defects for so long as such products remain in use at the home where originally installed and the original purchaser (or authorized transferee) owns and resides in such home. Our Lifetime Warranty is designed to protect your investment and our reputation. It guarantees that our windows will not rot, rust, warp, pit, corrode or blister, and that our vinyl colors will remain true for the life of your home. Our Lifetime Warranty is non-prorated and is fully transferable. We also warranty all moving parts and the hermetically insulated seal against defects in materials or workmanship. Finally, we offer an optional glass breakage rider for extra peace of mind. Our Lifetime Warranty shows that we stand behind our windows and the people who buy them.